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The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world, surpassed only by the famous Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA. The Canyon is stark, rugged, magnificently desolate and harshly unforgiving.

The Fish River Challenge is a non-stop self-supporting race whereby runners will be expected to complete the course in 24 hours. The race format provides for a 65km option and the full 100km option. Both versions will be an unsupported (except for water) foot race whereby competitors will be expected to cover the distance in the designated cut-off time. Water will be supplied at designated checkpoints that will also serve to monitor progress of the various athletes and provide updates to the organizers. The race will commence at the top of the world famous Fish River Canyon where the race village for the first evening will be positioned on the edge with magnificent views. From there, competitors will follow animal tracks and paths heading cross-country until they reach the point where they will descend into the Canyon. Once down in the Canyon, they will follow the river, with an occasional detour across wide meandering bends in the river, and will eventually finish at the wonderfully soothing hot springs resort of Ai-Ais.

IMPORTANT: The full 100km distance must only be undertaken by seasoned ultra distance runners, with experience in crossing, in parts, extremely difficult terrain as well as the likelihood of completing the course after dark. Event date is considered to coincide with full moons, nonetheless the canyon can be an imposing place after dark and requires athletes with sound judgement.

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